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How to print QR codes

May 28, 2020

The following instructions are for Chrome browser.

1. Select Generate QR-Codes

Print QR-Codes

  • Begin by signing up at
  • After you have entered your vehicle information
  • Click Generate QR-Codes from your dashboard
  • Select your vehicles you want to print the QR-Codes for

2. Click Generate Selected Vehicles QR-Codes

Print QR-Codes

  • Now that you have chosen your selected vehicles
  • Click Generate Selected Vehicles QR-Codes
  • A unique QR code is automatically assigned to each of your vehicles.

3. Print from Chrome

Print QR-Codes

  • Click on the downloaded file
  • This file contains the QR-codes.
  • This file will open in a new tab within Chrome
  • From the Chrome menu select File -> Print

Finally, choose the size

Print QR-Codes

  • From the print dialog box choose the pages per sheet
  • We recommend either 4 or 16 QR-Codes per sheet
  • Print!

Get us to print your QR-Codes

  • We offer QR code printing on durable weather proof stickers, and can help you get setup.
  • Contact us for pricing and details

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