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The 5 Ways Inspection Software Benefits Your Business

January 09, 2020

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1. Have Peace Of Mind

Software can give you true 24/7 coverage that pen and paper can’t.

No matter when or where something has gone wrong with your vehicles, we will keep you in the loop exactly when it happens. Be able to address and pinpoint issues when they occur. See that your operators are doing their jobs properly without being on-site.

Don’t get nervous when Auditors come as specialized PDF audit reports can be generated for each vehicle and sent by email.

See what your operators see, keep on reading to see how software can help you keep up to date instantly everywhere.

2. Never Lose Track

You never want to lose track of your vehicles and assets because they are the core of your business.

Why trust pen or paper or difficult-to-use software to do the job of tracking assets worth millions of dollars?

Making sure people do and hand-in inspections is not easy. Inspections and workorders are either not completed or lost, while you still need to make sure your vehicles are well maintained.

We automated the workorder process for you so you save time.

Placing your trust in our technology to do your tracking is a no-brainer because CircleChek is designed by experts in the safety and maintenance industry.

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3. Brag About Having Better Metrics

Safety accidents, maintenance, and vehicle downtime costs are key expenses to minimise in your business.

Not only are they steep costs, but having poor safety and maintenance standards will affect your business reputation with customers and the public. Digitized inspections are the best proactive method in reducing safety accidents and lowering maintenance costs.

We will keep you in the know immediately when the small and big things break so they don’t cause accidents, incidents, and delays a week down the line. You can only fix things that break only if you know that things broke.

Our software can give your business the support you deserve and need to make it easy to excel.

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4. Don’t Lose Your Edge, We’ll Catch You Up

Your competitors have invested hundreds of thousands into their in-house version of this software already.

We offer our solution at a fraction of a fraction of that cost. Our software is built by engineers but designed by safety and maintenance experts to help deliver the best experience for your business.

If you don’t want to fall behind your competitors, invest in CircleChek instead of investing hundreds of thousands of your own money.

Your competitors are already reaping the benefits and are gaining in market share. CircleChek is how you can instantly catch up with them for a fraction of the cost.

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5. The Results Are Immediate

If you’re still on the fence, this will change your mind.

Your business will start seeing the gains, savings, and benefits as soon as you switch.

CircleChek is designed to be easy to set-up and intuitive to use. CircleChek requires no costly retraining or hardware investments, it just works.

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